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Who We Are



Born and raised here, Mandy lives, works, and attends church in Rockford. Homeschooling mother of 6, Mandy is passionate about all things Motherhood and Family! She began feeling the call to use her superb baking skills to help teenage and unwed mothers back in 2012 while living in Spokane, WA. From this mustard seed, the vision moved with her back to Rockford and has grown into a full fledged home bakery business! With your support, we would love to take her vision even further and open our first brick and mortar location in downtown Rockford. 

What We Do

We are currently operating as a cottage food business, which means that all of our baked goods are made with love right in Mandy's own home kitchen! In partnership with Grace's Table, a local teen mom outreach program, all purchases are making an impact directly on the lives of momma's and their babies right here in Grand Rapids. As we grow, we dream of making an even greater impact - visions of baby showers, business training, and childcare provision dance through our heads! 

Our Why

As parents, we understand the difficulty mom's face in working to provide for their family while simultaneously being the primary caregiver for our children. Our hope is to relieve single and teenage moms of some of this burden by providing financial and practical assistance including job training and childcare, while also providing a safe and nurturing community for moms and their kiddos! 

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