The Mission


"Courage is found in a young lady who ends up pregnant and alone. What began as her first experience of finally being loved, or so she thought, has turned into uncertainty and disillusionment. There is no one to support her. Her boyfriend is gone; her parents are divorced, chasing other lovers, while she finds herself on the streets alone once again. Her future is a mystery and her past is misery, but she chooses to rise above it all. People tell her to abort her child but she welcomes her newborn baby into the world and gives him the love that she never received herself. She is my hero." (Kris Vallotton)


This is why we strive to provide support to pregnant teens through support, education, love, and spiritual development.

The Bakery

In order to provide support for pregnant teens, we not only rely on donations, but also the sale of quality baked goods. Though our focus is on delicious cupcakes, we also provide cakes and scones. We currently work out of our home and take orders online or over the phone. We also are able to make some of our cakes and cupcakes sugar-free and gluten-free. If you don't tell anyone they won't even know. It'll be our little secret. Ask for other healthy alternatives as you never know what innovations we've added.


Our services are perfect for birthday parties, office parties, church functions, even weddings.

The Future

After taking a break for a few years to move our family to Rockford, MI, we are working on getting things started again. We are working on networking with local businesses and ministries for this purpose. 

Eventually, though our focus is always on pregnant teens, we want to support women at risk in general to include those caught in human trafficking. 

Again, we are working on a storefront in Rockford, MI and working out of our home until this happens and we have a commercial kitchen to work out of.